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Dolce Vita Pharmacy

Dra. Eunice Barata - Technical Manager

With Brand Digital, I realised I could promote my brand and products in a way that I had never experimented before: impressive, dynamic, appealing and assertive.

Berna Optics

Dra. Ana Pereira - Managing partner

My expectations were surpassed and no one remained indifferent to this new method of advertising my space. People even say: - "It feels like we're in Times Square".  Congratulations to the whole team who were really professional and attentive to our questions and concerns. The system is very easy to use.

Bordalo Pinheiro

Nuno Barra - Marketing Director

The Brand Digital network at Galp Service Stations is a very efficient way of sending simple and hard-hitting messages. Given its high national coverage and significant repetition all day long, it can reach a wide range of people who understand the message displayed through an appealing advert. I think it might be an excellent communication solution as it is very versatile, which allows messages to be sent at different times of the day, to different regions and target audiences.

Freemácia Pharmacy Network

Dra. Tânia Areias - Marketing Supervisor

Our choice of LED window displays and consequent partnership with Brand Digital allow us to clean up the pharmacy space (or rather, improve clients' on shop experiences) and offer pharmaceutical laboratories a more dynamic communication channel, which increases the impact on sales.


Tiago Silva - L'Oréal

We are investing, together with our partners, in the modernization of the external communication of pharmacies.
We consider the Brand Digital solution for network management of communication contents on LED Displays media, an excellent marketing tool, which creates dynamism and constantly transmits an image of novelty and surprises who passes.
L'ORÉAL is very satisfied with the impact generated so far.

Bacardi-Martini Portugal Ltd

Customer Marketing Manager

It is a differentiating equipment, as it allows brands to stand out in a tendentially static environment such as a typical store environment. Its versatility is a small detail that facilitates the adaptation of the top display to several brands of the same supplier as is the case of BMP. This is undoubtedly an innovative, attractive and impactful form of communication in the consumer purchasing decision process, allowing the brands a more qualitative sale of their products.

Brodheim Group - Timberland

Susana Silva - Brand Manager

Communication through LED Digital displays is a way to transmit life to a brand, impacting the consumer in an engaging and striking way. No doubt a remarkable experience of brand experience.

Zona Ótica

António Martins - General Manager

We feel we have made the best choice by selecting Brand Digital as a provider of turnkey digital led technology solutions. We confirm its efficiency.

Shopping Center Forum Algarve

Rita Zambujal - Center Marketing Specialist

Regarding the solution we are able to say until now, that we are very satisfied. It is fulfilling the purpose.

Ótica Vitó

Paula Vitó - Manager

The LED Digital solution from Brand Digital has allowed us to highlight our Optics. It's a great medium of communication. We have a complete communication solution for a fixed monthly amount. Highly recommend.

Estíbaliz Vicario

Licor Beirão

Para além do resultado final que correspondeu a todas as expectativas, é de salientar toda a fluidez do processo e cooperação da equipa da Brand Digital com a equipa do Licor Beirão.

Exclusivas Iglesias Partnership for the pharmaceutical sector

Eugénio Iglesias - CEO

This product meets the two characteristics we need, is technologically the most advanced in the market and creates a lot of satisfaction in the end customer, in addition to a good return on investment.

Fábrica de Óculos de Massamá

Rosa Caetano - Manager

With Brand Digital the visibility of our business has increased substantially, giving you more and more brightness and more life!
With just a few "digital touches", we have a greater facility, but with much more style in making our promotions and services known to our customers and the general public! In short: our business has stayed and is getting brighter!
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