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Based on the latest SMD technology, Brand Digital's dynamic communication solutions are versatile and suitable for any environment, whether indoor or outdoor.

We present standard solutions with specific measures and resolutions taking into account their application and distance from the target audience.
Then just put the creativity to work!
  • We advise you on the best LED Digital solution for each case
  • We create a dynamic model based on the real location
  • We produce LED Digital equipment (our manufacturer NetScreen, Led Technology) 
  • We animate content for your campaign
  • We install Led Digital equipment and provide specialised technical assistance (NetScreen, Led Technology)





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  • Dynamics and impact of communication vs absence of dynamics in static communication.
  • Medium-term payback on investment vs static materials are paid for by the advertiser with payback.
  • 100% segmentation of communication constantly managed and adjustable vs low segmentation with high logistics and production costs from static advertising.
  • Remote management of campaign content vs high logistics and production costs from traditional advertising.
  • Real time viewing metrics and consequent campaign adjustment vs low monitoring and correction of campaigns based on static materials.
  • Tools for supporting commercial and marketing decisions vs absence of data from analyses of traditional advertising materials.
  • Concern over ecological aspects, as we use energy efficiency LED equipment and therefore protect the environment.
  • The surprise effect may be achieved through creating and inserting content vs the rate of creation, production and use of new graphic materials. 

Brands and products benefit from the immediacy, dynamism and empathy that these LED Digital advertising and communication supports transmit to the market.

Plan your brand and product strategy, gather the graphical features and we'll take care of the whole process.

Contact us and know how your store can benefit from My Digital Solution.

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