A new media solution has reached the advertiser's spot
Tactical marketing activities now have a new solution.
Brands can now easily communicate in a dynamic way, with or without sharing the advertising spot, at their own comercial space.

This DOOH advertising concept allows brands to explore an innovative solution in short-term tactical campaigns.

Does your company's building have the any of the following characteristics?

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  • Netscreen LED Technology solutions
  • Impactful solution
  • Communication segmentation
  • Flexible and quick instalation
  • Standard solutions
  • The best innovative digital action in POS
  • Specialized technical assistance

The English OOH planning company, KINETIC,
expects investment in Digital Out Of Home
in 2020 to rise to 35% of the total amount
invested in OOH, in the United Kingdom alone.

Source: "The Future of OOH": 2014 Study compiled by KINETIC

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